Kathleen Patron

Lead Organizer at GBIO

Kathleen lives in East Boston and has been organizing for Metro IAF for the past 8 years. She's won remarkable campaigns in real estate, affordable housing, health care, immigration, and more.



Founder and Executive Director at CPA

Felipe believes purchasing can be a force multiplier for change. He focuses on building the capacity, culture, and leadership of the organization to create new vehicles for collaboration and action. He loves facilitating group meetings and organizing new programs for peer learning and more strategic sourcing.


Zienab Abdelgany

Associate Organizer at GBIO

Zienab works for the Greater Boston Interfaith Organization as a community organizer. She comes to this work with a Master of Divinity from Harvard University. 



Director of Finance and Operations
at CPA

Boris Sigal works to make sure CPA has the capacity to provide a great experience for member institutions and vendors alike. That includes building out operational systems to accommodate an increasing number of customers and service offerings, benchmarks that maintain financial strength, and strategies to continue to grow cooperative purchasing opportunities.