With their combined purchasing power, coop members stand to save around $900,000 in electricity bills, all while using their money to support sustainability and justice. 

75 congregations & schools save more than $900,000 in operating costs annually by working with CPA in Washington DC. We expect similar results in Boston.

Market Insights

By comparing energy bills from
hundreds of peer organizations, the Cooperative is able to see how
Suppliers actually perform. We can
then adjust the offer price from
each supplier by the risk-factor of
future overcharges.

Significant Savings

CPA members have collectively
saved hundreds of thousands of
dollars by securing energy
supply contracts with better
rates than those offered by the
utility company.

Power of Community

There's power in working
together. Negotiate with
your peers to receive the
best terms and pricing on
your energy contract.

Why electricity?

Simply put, electricity is one of the largest operating expenses that many organizations have. CPA has extensive experience helping organizations save money on electricity because it was through electricity collaborations that CPA started cooperatives in Washington, DC and Connecticut. 

One of the great advantages of electricity collaboration is the ability to leverage actionable insights from past business decisions with actual Massachusetts suppliers. For example, some companies have signed "fixed" price contracts only to find suppliers passing through new costs from "change in law events." These events were well-known before the contract was signed.

CPA mitigates risks such as these by analyzing electric bills from hundreds of customers. With years of data, CPA is able provide risk-adjusted prices that allow member institutions to make better informed decisions. As CPA collects more and more data, its recommendations become increasingly accurate and its member institutions get greater visibility and savings. 

What's next?

There is no “membership fee” to start participating. After this initial electricity collaboration, and after exploring a deeper dive on feasibility, we’ll gather together and co-create a membership overview that lays out the specifics of joining CPA Co-op as a formal member-owner and the different equity-buy-in amounts (in DC it ranges from $1,000 for the smallest organizations (less than $500k/year budget) to $20,000 for much larger organizations with $150 million budgets).